Our history

DITEC was founded more than 30 years ago...

DITEC® begun its operations back in the 1970s when DITEC® Paint Conservation was formed.  The company developed and expanded well. There was a high demand for more durable paint protection, especially in the Nordic countries. The changing climate in Scandinavia exposes the car to great stress and the waxes on the market had poor durability and did not offer enough protection for the car. DITEC® Paint Conservation lasted much longer.

DITEC® Paint Protection was developed between 1975 and 1978. It was then tested on cars in traffic for a number of years. The Danish equivalent of the Automobile Association, FDM, checked the cars regularly and compared them with untreated cars. In Sweden, our products were tested with excellent results by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, SP. DITEC® Paint Protection is still the core of our business, although we offer many more services today.

There are great opportunities for you to develop your company under an established trademark if you think our car care philosophy sounds interesting. Our goal is to make all DITEC® Centers successful and make DITEC® as a brand stronger. We strive to push the development further so that we remain our customers’ first choice when it comes to car care.