DITEC Car Polishing Program

Car polishing is included in all our programs and is one of our most popular service in order to remove scratches and enhance the gloss level of the paint.

About Car Polishing

The paint of the car will eventually be affected by mechanical wear and external factors like dirt, rain, UV-rays etc. Buffing and polishing the paint will restore the gloss and remove scratches and fall-out. How often you should do this depends much on your driving habits and on what kind of paint protection you have. A car that is polished and has a good surface protection doesn't get as dirty and is easier to maintain. 

The process

First we use a traffic film remover on the exterior of the car so dirt, old wax etc. is removed. Tar and particles on the surface are removed by the use of a clay bar. All plastic, rubber and sensitive parts of the car will then be masked so we don't risk getting any polish stains. We then use a rotating or oscillating polisher, depending on the condition of the paint, to remove scratches and to get a brilliant finish on the paint. This process could take several hours. We then check the paint for holograms, and if necessary we also use a hologram remover.  

Paint protection

Car polishing restores the paintwork of the car but doesn't normally provide any lasting protection. Therefore you have to apply a protection or a sealant whose function is to be a barrier between the paintwork and the traffic environment. Wax is the most common protection but is not very durable. By conserving the paint work or applying a ceramic protection this will  give the paint a long lasting protection. You can read about these treatments here.

Before we let the customer pick up his car we go over all exterior details on the car, clean the windows etc. When you get you car back it should be in mint condition!